We are a diverse team of makers, artists, designers, teachers, academics, creative professionals.

Mike studied creative writing at Bath Spa before working in education.

He is interested in constructionist approaches to learning, and developing design thinking through prototyping and experimenting with all kinds of digital media.
Since school he has been avidly interested in tinkering, first with music technology and synthesis before becoming more actively involved in music production. His interest in interaction design grew out of a desire to market his music with digital media.

More recently, he has been finding ways to use STEAM and making within education and through other collaborative projects which now form part of his practice at the STEAMShip.

Mark is a graduate of the Royal College of Art with a Masters Degree in Interactive Media. At school he studied Physics, Art and Computer Science and is still most comfortable working on creative projects at the nexus of art, science and technology.

20 years ago he founded a software development company which he still runs. Mark codes extensively and is always learning new languages and platforms. He also spends time teaching his own kids to code and continues to be inspired by STEM subjects and believes in the immense benefit of adding creative aspects to STEM learning and also the significance of creativity within education sector in general.

Emma studied graphic design at university and has since specialised in web design and current technologies.

She is an avid fan of STEAM projects which she has been exploring for many years at home with her two daughters. Her passion is finding ways to incorporate art and crafts into her projects to make them more enjoyable and accessible for younger children. She also help out regularly in primary schools working with KS1 and KS2 pupils to deliver art and cookery projects tailored to the school curriculum.