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STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The addition of the A for Arts recognises the essential role creativity plays in STEM subjects. “Creativity involves putting your imagination to work. In a sense, creativity is applied imagination.”¹ We aim to make STEM more attractive and comprehensible to a wider group of students and ensure the next generation of citizens are equipped with the vital skills for taking on real world challenges of the 21st century. “Innovation is the child of imagination”²

At STEAMShip we create online resources, kits and topic based learning experiences to help schools enhance their STEAM education. We work with schools, organisations and individuals to create new and exciting ways to learn.

We understand the importance of equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world, and that’s why we’re dedicated to helping schools integrate science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) into their curriculum. Our aim is to help create the structure and environment to nurture a curious mind through re-imagined curricula.

Let us help you take your school’s STEAM education to the next level!

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Latest News

Virtual School Trip

While the country is in lockdown and many are forced to stay indoors and homeschool children, there are still many ways to explore and learn online. You could take your children on a virtual school [...]

Building a Mad Scientist’s Vintage Lab

There are lots of kits available these days for the budding electronics engineer, but we thought it would be great fun to prototype a minature version the kind of lab you might see being used [...]

  • Potions lab

Harry Potter Potions Lesson

Harry Potter Potions Lesson For a recent Harry Potter birthday party, we wanted to take the narrative of the story and inject some  fun STEM elements into the activities, so we set up our own [...]

  • Bee sculpture

Kelly Stanford – Ventures into Sci-art

Hello, I’m Kelly Stanford, a 23 year-old Manchester-based artist who likes to explore novel ways of using the visual arts as a form of science communication. My first ventures into sci-art started during my college [...]

  • an orchestra diagram

Building An Interactive Orchestra Diagram

We continue to work with junior members of the STEAMShip crew to help realise their creative ambitions. This project was a year 8 music homework assignment to create a diagram of an orchestra, showing the [...]

  • Spy's handbook

Spy Day!

During the summer break, we planned a spy activity day to keep some of the younger Steamship crew occupied. The idea was to give them several challenges to complete leading up to one big final [...]

  • uuVee our UV detection robot

Sciencefest Workshop – Case Study

The Steamship team were recently invited to take part in Combe Down Primary school’s Sciencefest week. The Brief We were asked to deliver a workshop to a class of key stage 2 children on the [...]

Christmas STEAM toys roundup

STEM / STEAM are very popular terms at the moment and many toys are being labelled as STEAM toys, but how can you tell which ones will really inspire your little inventor or engineer. [...]

Fun with LED Glowies and Throwies

LED Glowies and Throwies are great little lights which you can use as building blocks for all kinds of STEAM projects. A simple LED Glowie consists of an LED and 1 or 2 cell batteries, [...]

Top 10 STEAM books for the Summer Holidays

With the summer holidays looming, many of us will be looking for ideas to keep the kids entertained for the next few weeks. We've put together a list of our favourite STEAM books that [...]

Slime Adventures

Has the slime craze reached your house yet, it certainly has in ours! Our eldest has been spending literally hours up in her room mixing and squishing, all our bathroom products have been disappearing in [...]

Quotations: 1,2: Sir Ken Robinson – Out of Our Minds