With the summer holidays looming, many of us will be looking for ideas to keep the kids entertained for the next few weeks. We’ve put together a list of our favourite STEAM books that are all packed with ideas and projects to keep you busy. Whether your children are little inventors, enthusiastic scientists or budding artists there is bound to be at least one of these books that will suit you.

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We were delighted when this book first became available as prior to this there weren’t actually many books that covered all 5 STEAM subjects rather than the usual 4 STEM subject we are more used to seeing. There are so many great ideas and they are cleverly coded to show which subjects they include in each project, a really worthwhile investment that will keep you busy for a long time.

Tinker Lab

Tinker lab is a great read and introduction on how to approach tinkering in your own home. It includes useful ideas on how to set up a tinker space, what materials to keep on hand and how to approach tinkering projects so your little tinkers get the most out of it.

The Curious Kid’s Science Book

This is a great collection of projects for younger kids and older ones will probably still enjoy participating just without as much guidance. Children as encouraged to ask questions and work out their own answers through deduction and experiments.

The Art of Tinkering

This was a book we borrowed first of all and loved it so much we bought our own copy. The Art of tinkering is a great combination or science and technology with a heavy dose of art throughout each project. The projects are probably suited to a slightly older or more experienced reader but younger children can still enjoy the projects with a bit more guidance.

Maker Dad

Maker Dad would be a great father’s day gift. It includes numerous projects for Dads to create with their kids to help them learn lifelong skills. All the projects are clearly described with lists of materials and lots of instructions and step by step photographs.

Home Lab

If you have a budding scientist in the house then this is a fantastic book to start with. All the experiments are really well described and easy to follow and have good explanations about what is happening with each experiment. It’s a great book to pick up and use any time as most of the experiments use regular household ingredients.

The Big Book of Maker Space Projects

This is a great book for young inventors, packed with lots of ideas to get them tinkering. The book is spilt into inspiring sections such as “Sewing circuits and e-textiles” and “smart phone projects” With over 50 projects, it should keep you busy for quite a while.

Lego Chain Reactions

Most of us have a stash of lego around the house, so this is a great book to take it to the next level. The book comes with a few essential pieces which combined with regular bricks can help you design some truly amazing machines.

This is Not a Maths Book

If you have a child who struggles with Maths or finds it boring, this book is a great way to turn mathematical ideas into creative projects, using art and patterns. It’s really an advanced doodling book, that can be picked up and played with anywhere and they won’t even realise they are doing maths!

STEAM Ahead DIY for Kids

A great collection of things to make, the contents are split into Party, Build, Toys and Art. The projects all have a difficulty rating and time indicator so it’s easy to flick through and pick which projects you want to try.