STEM Celebration Event with the Palladian Academy, Bath

To conclude British Science Week 2019, The Palladian Academy trust schools held a STEM celebration event over two days at Ralph Allen School, Bath. All the schools in the trust embraced the opportunity to share their work with each other. Around 200 pupils were selected to represent their school and talk about the work their [...]

Why Every Parent Should Be Encouraging Their Child To Learn To Code

Coding - It's not a computer thing, not a techie thing, not a gadgets thing - it's a language thing! Coding essentially involves using languages to perform tasks, to communicate ideas and to express your motivations. More importantly, code is becoming the language which powers all other languages - our thoughts, feelings, emotions are all [...]

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Don’t Wake the Dragon! – Making and Coding with the BBC Micro:Bit

We recently held a 'making' activity day themed around dragons. Inspired by this topic we decided to explore some new ideas for using the BBC Micro:Bit creatively, developing projects for making and coding in a creative way is at the heart of everything we do here at the STEAMShip. Hic Est Draco - Roar! [...]

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Adventures with the BBC Microbit: Coding with Mu

The BBC Microbit is such a versatile entry point to programming and there are already some excellent resources that you can use to get going with it straight away. But at the STEAMShip, we are really excited about how we might explore different ways to integrate it in your projects beyond the excellent resources that [...]

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GO! GO! Robo! – Lego Mindstorms Robotics Fun.

Some of the Steamship crew were very excited to take delivery of a Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics kit a few weeks ago and have been getting to explore the amazing potential of such an exciting system. We have been particularly impressed with the ease of construction inherent in Lego Technic parts and how this enables [...]

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