Building a Mad Scientist’s Vintage Lab

There are lots of kits available these days for the budding electronics engineer, but we thought it would be great fun to prototype a minature version the kind of lab you might see being used by a crazy scientist performing some questionable electronic experiments in a remote castle somewhere. We also thought it'd be interesting [...]

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Steampunking the Spikenzie Labs Solder : Time Watch

I was excited to receive the original Solder: Time watch by Spikenzie Labs as a birthday present and I thought it would make a good project for a steampunk watch. I have been a fan of nixie tube watches for a while, in particular, the ChronodeVFD cyberpunk wristwatch by J. M. De Cristofaro which isn't [...]

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Synthesis with Light – Atari Punk Console/Forrest Mims PunkPac

I am starting to explore some simple soldering projects and developing a workflow from early ideas to a more useful art prototype. I have been avidly reading Forrest Mims' Science Experiments. Its a great book for experimenting with science and art in a playful but educational way. Lots of the projects in this book [...]

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Prototyping with cardboard: Phenakistoscope

As a potential workshop to explore prototyping with cardboard, we have been investigating ways of building machines with cardboard as a material. Its a material that is available in abundance and can be worked into the most ingenious creations. Just look at these examples So I thought that I would explore how I might build [...]

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Steampunk Google Cardboard Viewer

Google Cardboard allows you to get a great VR experience on a real budget. But I wanted to try and build a steampunk prototype of the viewer which allows for better focal length adjustment. The project is being adapted from the standard Google Cardboard template The prototype consists of 3 wooden panels. You slip a [...]

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