Virtual School Trip

While the country is in lockdown and many are forced to stay indoors and homeschool children, there are still many ways to explore and learn online. You could take your children on a virtual school trip each week and discover some of the new and amazing places you can visit without leaving your sofa. Below [...]

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Building a Mad Scientist’s Vintage Lab

There are lots of kits available these days for the budding electronics engineer, but we thought it would be great fun to prototype a minature version the kind of lab you might see being used by a crazy scientist performing some questionable electronic experiments in a remote castle somewhere. We also thought it'd be interesting [...]

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Workshop with Mufti Games – Taking Things Apart: A Case Study.

When we were asked to work with Mufti Games, a Bristol-based organisation which creates playful and memorable experiences for all ages, naturally we jumped at the chance. There is overwhelming evidence of the importance of play in learning, you only have to look at the work of Semour Papert and Mitch Resnik and ultimately their [...]

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Exploring Story Development: Writing stories for games

This is the first of a series of posts in which we'll look at different techniques of developing interactive stories. In this first post, we'll explore techniques to help you start to produce stories and look at ways to prepare them for working with digital tools to make them more interactive such as Scratch and [...]

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Synthesis with Light – Atari Punk Console/Forrest Mims PunkPac

I am starting to explore some simple soldering projects and developing a workflow from early ideas to a more useful art prototype. I have been avidly reading Forrest Mims' Science Experiments. Its a great book for experimenting with science and art in a playful but educational way. Lots of the projects in this book [...]

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Prototyping with cardboard: Phenakistoscope

As a potential workshop to explore prototyping with cardboard, we have been investigating ways of building machines with cardboard as a material. Its a material that is available in abundance and can be worked into the most ingenious creations. Just look at these examples So I thought that I would explore how I might build [...]

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Steampunk Google Cardboard Viewer

Google Cardboard allows you to get a great VR experience on a real budget. But I wanted to try and build a steampunk prototype of the viewer which allows for better focal length adjustment. The project is being adapted from the standard Google Cardboard template The prototype consists of 3 wooden panels. You slip a [...]

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